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Almantas Buragas

First of all a couple of facts about me.

I am sure many of you will question where is this name from, well, the answer is – my beloved country of Lithuania.

I was born in a city called Klaipeda on a sunny day in April of 1988, but have then spent the next 19 years of my life in the second largest city of Lithuania  – Kaunas. After graduating from my high school when I was 19 I have moved again – this time to one of the greatest cities on the planet – London, UK.

The passion for cities and urban lifestyle has always been in me. I have always noticed, embraced and captured little things in urban environment that others missed and last nearly 10 years in London have strongly enhanced it. 

As travelling, exploring, photographing and documenting cities and countries has been a hobby of mine for years, in 2015 I have decided to start a online magazine which would allow other people from around the world with similar mindset enjoy the beauty city life. That’s how Urbansome.com was born.


My aim is provide you interesting, informative, entertaining and useful articles, urban facts as well as share amazing photos and videos which would add at least a bit of  entertainment value to your daily life. In addition to that, if you are reading this, I know that enjoy travelling and exploring, therefore, another goal of mine is to keep you informed about the best urban travel offers and reviews which will be the start of your another unforgettable adventure.

Lastly, I know how us, city dwellers, are proud of our cities and want to share that with the rest of the world – Urbansome.com is a perfect place to do this. If you have any photos, videos or stories about your city, cities you have visited, don’t wait, send it over to info@urbansome.com or message us on Facebook and we will share it with thousands of our readers as soon as possible.

Many thanks for reading this and enjoy the rest of your day!


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