Bar in the middle of the desert? Lake Havasu City has it -

Bar in the middle of the desert? Lake Havasu City has it

Before I start talking about this cool bar, let me tell you a few facts about Lake Havasu City itself. Located in Mohave County, Arizona, United States, Lake Havasu City is fairly small in terms of population compared to other US cities – roughly 55,000 people. However, there is a reason for that. This sunny city (on average 300 sunny days a year!) was established on the 30th of September, 1963 by a resolution of the Mohave County Board of Supervisors as the Lake Havasu Irrigation and Drainage District which means that is actually only 55 years old!

Main attraction in Lake Havasu City

Lake Havasu has this really cool and popular tourist attraction – London Bridge.  No, it is not just a name to attract more tourists, like one town in England that we talked about has. It is actually a real bridge from London (England, as there is way more than one London!) that Lake Havasu City bought in 1968 for $2.5 million. You might question how did they move a bridge over from another continent? Well, they have disassembled it in London, marked all the stones, shipped it and put it back together in Lake Havasu.

“Nellie E Saloon”

But this time let’s talk about this amazing bar in the middle of the desert called “Nellie E Saloon. It is located in the old mining camp, therefore is very difficult to reach, but well worth it when you do. The windows are made of old refrigerator doors, stools are welded by hand and it is always full of characters. Sounds cool doesn’t it? The bar is open October thru April, Saturdays and Sundays only from high noon till 6 pm Arizona time, so now is the time to go!


I have attached a short video for you to see what it looks like from inside.

If you would like more info on Lake Havasu City tourism information visit their official website by clicking here.

For more info on “Nellie E Saloonvisit their website by clicking here.

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