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Best Cities To Catch Pokemon In The World – Part 1!

PokemonGo mania has struck the world like a monstrous lightning. People across the globe are going crazy about this game and it will certainly continue this way for the upcoming months or maybe even years. But have you wondered what are the best places to CATCH THEM ALL? Specifically, what are the best cities to do that?

Well, if you believe that the next step in your Pokemon Go career is to jump on a plane and start hunting them in a different city, here is the list of places that we think are the best for this phenomenous game fans.

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Image Credits: Franck Michel

New York, United States

What is one of the things that Central Park in New York City is popular for? Well, there are plenty, but pigeons is one of them (do you remember "Home Alone: Lost in New York" movie?). Pokemon Go creators knew that and placed lots of Pidgey's in the area. Normally, Central Park is full of joggers, families with kids, couples and tourists who just want to have a peaceful walk, however, nowadays it is taken over by Pokemon Go fans as it has to offer a lot of lures, 'gyms' and as mentioned above Pidgey's.

Whilst you are in New York City you just have to go 'hunting' to Metropolitan Museum of Art which another perfect place. What is fascinating about this spot is that it creates an atmosphere where old historical world meets modernism and reality of the 21st century. The museum is perfect if you are after Zubats that are just flying around the amazing exhibits.

Of course, the place with most Pokemon Go players in Big Apple is Times Square. It is full of both Pokespots (including the birthplace of Eugene O'Neill) and Pokemon just waiting to be caught. Be prepared to catch Ponyta, a Geodude, and a Jigglypuff! In addition to that, Times Square offers and massive 'gym' (be ready to fight your way through thousands of tourists though!).

big ben london
Image Credits: Neil Howard

London, United Kingdom

What is the best known building in London? Well, 8 out of 10 would say Big Ben. And yes, you guessed it right, this is another Pokemon 'gym'. If you are in this area, your mind will be blown by the amount of Poke Stops London has to offer due to the amount of famous and historical buildings.  For braver catchers, Savoy Hotel is a really cool spot, however, due to it being probably the most luxurious hotel in town, having a successful hunt will be a challenge.

In addition to these hot spots, another, and perhaps one of the hottest has to be Buckingham Palace, which has not one but two gyms within metres of each other. Piccadilly Circus & London Eye is also always packed, so better hurry up!

Image Credits: CHRIStophe Robert

Sydney, Australia

With magnificent surroundings, Opera House (being the 'gym') and Circular Quay, many dwellers of Sydney have been occupying historic places and even descended on the waterfront to join an unofficial Pokemon Go Walk. In addition to there are tens of other amazing spots spread across The Rocks and other well-known locations in Sydney. According the the locals since the game launched the entire strip from Darling Harbour to the Opera House area has been completely flooded with Pokémon go players. To illustrate this, at the Opera House itself there is a constant crowd of 60 people every day and it gets even bigger during office lunch hours. Crazy!

colosseum in rome
Image Credits: Alex Manchester

Rome, Italy

The historic city of Rome will offer you amazing hunting adventures. The Colosseum, which is probably the best know attraction in Italy, will not only offer you amazing views but will also give you an opportunity to catch Oddish, Pikachu and Squirtle. If you actually decide to visit this remarkable site, it will provide and opportunity to catch yourself Espeon, Umbreon and Makuhita just to name a few. Rome is absolutely packed with Pokémon and the beautiful thing is that generation difference does not seem to matter there as both the young and old Romans have given into the Pokemon Go mania.

Image Credits: Aaron Fulkerson

Anaheim, United States

Disneyland, which was mostly liked by young children before, is now being taken over by Pokemon Go players as it is practically a Pokémon breeding ground. Game range stretched all across the park territory, will offer lots of lures and different types of Pokemon. You might have thought about this already but, the top notch gym is located in Sleeping Beauty Castle. 

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Leave a comment below to let us know which city you have been catching them all in and whether we should review it in the next part!

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