Free public transport in a capital city. How good is that? -

Free public transport in a capital city. How good is that?

Many big cities in the world have one big common problem – traffic congestion. Because of large populations and motor vehicles becoming cheaper and cheaper, many cities feel the effects of it – delays in journeys, lots of time wasted being stuck in traffic jams and also pollution caused by exhaust fumes.

Estonia’s capital city Tallinn have come up with a brilliant idea to get rid of all of these problems and make people from different walks of life happy. The officials have removed all the fares on public transport and made it absolutely free to anyone who is a registered resident of the city.

Even though it might seem to be costly to the city when you first think about it, it actually works out perfectly in the long run:

  1. more people register as residents of Tallinn, which means more tax revenue for the city
  2. as people don’t have to think about parking, traffic jams, expensive fares etc. they travel more and spend more money in local businesses

Hopefully more cities around the world will soon follow Tallinn’s lead!

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