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kaunas old town

I would like to welcome you all to my beloved city of Kaunas, Lithuania.

Hi everyone, my name is Raimonda, I was born and raised in my beloved second largest city of Lithuania – Kaunas. When I saw an opportunity to post a review about my city here, I didn’t hesitate for a second as I think Kaunas is truly charming and beautiful place and it should be on every traveller’s destination list!

For most Lithuanians, Kaunas has always been the heart of the country, not only geographically, but also culturally, historically and politically. The city was a temporary capital of Lithuania after Poland annexed the current capital Vilnius in 1920 and kept this status until 1939. During this period industry prospered in Kaunas: it was then the largest city in Lithuania. Under the direction of mayor Jonas Vileišis (1921–1931) Kaunas grew rapidly and was extensively modernised – the city expanded from 18 to 40 square kilometres (6.9 to 15.4 sq mi), more than 2,500 buildings and three modern bridges over the Neris and Nemunas rivers were built. All the city’s streets were paved, horse-drawn transportation was replaced with modern bus lines, new suburbs were planned and built (Žaliakalnis area in particular), new parks and squares were created. 

Before we get to specific sights, let’s see how much would you spend in Kaunas if you come here for a weekend:

  1. average cost for a direct flight with Ryanair from many European cities for one adult – €45
  2. average cost for one night in a 4* hotel in city centre – €50
  3. average car rental cost for two days – €40
  4. average meal cost with a glass of wine for one person – €12
  5. average price for a pint of beer – €2

That adds up to €149 per adult for two days, which is only €75 per day! It’s a bargain, isn’t it?

N.B I always like to say this: Kaunas is like a good wine, the older it gets the better it becomes.

If any of my fellow Lithuanians or anyone else who loves Kaunas is reading this, can you please share it, spread the love and awareness! Ačiū! 🙂

OK, now let’s have a look a some iconic places in Kaunas with photos and descriptions below.

kaunas old town
Image Credits: Pierre Doyen

Kaunas Old Town

It's the oldest part of Kaunas town, located to the east of the confluence of the Nemunas and Neris rivers. There are a lot of surviving Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque buildings, especially in the western part of the Old Town. Many iconoic buildings and facilities are located in the Old Town, such as the Kaunas Town Hall, Kaunas Castle, Historical Presidential Palace, Kaunas Cathedral, Vytautas' church. There are also Great variety of museums such as Museum of the History of Lithuanian Medicine and Pharmacy, Povilas Stulga Museum of Lithuanian Folk Instruments, Maironis Lithuanian literature Museum, Communication History Museum, Museum of Gemology and Kaunas City Museum. One of the main streets of the Old Town - Vilniaus street - especially in the summer time, is full of life and vibrancy as it accommodates many trendy bars, restaurants and night clubs. 

kaunas old town
Image Credits: Gytis Cibulskis

Kaunas Old Town

kaunas castle
Image Credits: d1mka vetrov

Kaunas Castle

Archeological evidence suggests that this medieval castle was originally built during the mid-14th century, in the Gothic style. Its site is strategic – a rise on the banks of the Nemunas river near its confluence with the Neris river. Today the round tower of Kaunas Castle houses an art gallery.  

laisves aleja
Image Credits: Darijus Strasunskas

Iconic Laisvės Alėja (Liberty Avenue)

Much of the construction around Laisvės Alėja originally took place during the latter half of the 19th century and into the beginning of the 20th century. This iconic avenue to all Lithuanians connects Kaunas' Old Town and St. Michael the Archangel's Byzantine-style church with lots of shops, museums, restaurants and bars in-between.  

laisves aleja
Image Credits: Steve

Laisvės Alėja (Liberty Avenue)

kaunas zalgiris
Image Credits: Augustas Didžgalvis

BC Žalgiris

People say that basketball is the second religion in Lithuania and Kaunas is considered to be the hub of. When you come to our city, seeing Žalgiris' game, the iconic team which has a tremendous history is a must! The biggest arena in Baltic region with 15,000 basketball crazy fans create remarkable atmosphere that you will fall in love with. 

Image Credits: Jesús Corrius

Panorama of Kaunas

kauno rotuse
Image Credits: Pierre Doyen

Kaunas Town Hall

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