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love lock on brooklyn bridge

Iconic Brooklyn Bridge and it’s “Love locks”

There are many superstitions when it comes to love… People around the world have different beliefs which are meant to strengthen their love and make it eternal.

One of these popular beliefs is associated with Brooklyn Bridge in New York. People believe that if they hang a little padlock onto the construction of the bridge, put their names on it and throw the key into East River, their love will last forever.

Unfortunately, there is some bad news for the hopefuls.. The officials of NYC are not particularly keen on this idea as Brooklyn Bridge is recognised as a national landmark and technically the public is not allowed to make any adjustments to it. Moreover, they say that this custom can damage the bridge.

Consequently, a few times a month these locks are removed and taken away. According to CBS New York, more than 5600 locks were removed last year in less than 12 months… Well, we can only hope that love between these people still blossoms regardless of what was done to their love lock…

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