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Lower Robert Street – Haunted tunnel in the middle of London

Even though Victoria Embankment and The Strand are constantly filled with thousands curious tourists and locals, not many people are aware that between right them, seconds away from the iconic Savoy hotel, there is a spooky little tunnel called Lower Robert Street.

Only occasionally, black cab drivers who want to short-cut down to Victoria Embankment or visa versa, and some bikers, choose this road as part of their route. Because of that and its uncanny looks it has been given a “bat cave” nickname.


Lower Robert Street has been built as part of “The Adelphi” housing development in the late 18th century. Due to it being close to the river Thames, several parts of the building were located on different terrain levels, which has lead to a big hollow underneath it. In order to fill it up, many tunnels were created – including Lower Robert Street.


There is an urban legend which suggests that this tunnel is haunted. According to this legend, back in a day a prostitute called Jenny lived and worked in the deep end of Lower Robert Street. Until one night she was strangled by one of her clients… Since then paranormal activity has been a common occurrence.

People say that you can hear sighs and screams as well as noise of rhythmic tapping echoing through Lower Robert Street…

I decided to visit Lower Robert Street and see what it is like for myself.

My visit

From Savoy Place end the tunnel does look like another ordinary street of London. However, once I have entered it, maybe it is self-belief, but it did not feel right. As I was going into deep ends of Lower Robert Street the feeling strengthened. I just wanted to film what I had to film and leave.

As I was packing my equipment and was ready to go back to lightness of Victoria Embankment, I was approached by a very nice chap called Wharfie. He explained to me that he has spent many days and nights in this tunnel but has never seen anyone filming it yet. I explained what it was all about, Wharfie just smiled and said: “This is not a legend, it is true.”

When I prompted him to tell me more, he told me that since he was sleeping rough here, he has witnessed multiple paranormal sightings. Wharfie was happy to share that with me.

“One night, I have experienced what it seems like someone is walking right in front me. As in, I saw the feet, saw them walking right in front of me and they have gone.”. He did not stop there: “You can hear whispering during the night. You roll over during the night, there is no one around, it is dead silent, no cars, no traffic, no wind and you hear someone whispering your name.”

It was hard to believe that Wharfie could make this up. We had a good chat off-camera afterwards and he seemed like a very intelligent and sane guy.

Regardless of his experiences he still refers to Lower Robert Street as calm and serene place: “It is an odd place. Very calm and serene. It is a very strange feeling  coming down here. Big busy city is just up the hill, you come down here it is silent as a grave.”

And the last phrase made by Wharfie summed it all up in a way:  “Maybe that is why they like it down here…”.

As it was getting dark outside very quickly I knew that it was time for me to leave.

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