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Minneapolis – home to America’s first Water Bar

In majority of big cities across the globe there is a vast variety of bars and restaurants – for any type of taste and personal preference. However, when you hear a word “bar”, most of the time it associates with booze. Am I right? Well, not anymore – Minneapolis is about to become home to America’s first water bar!

To begin with, the name quite literally describes what the bar is going to be all about – water and its products (they don’t specify what other products they refer to, but perhaps it is water with lemon for example?). Unsurprisingly, their motto is: “Water is all we have”.


According to the official website of this new “venture”, the “Water Bar” project began as public art project in 2014. The way they have described it: “It’s a pop-up bar that serves local tap waters and is staffed by artists, water researchers, sustainability educators, and other community residents.” It is worth mentioning that the idea behind this project has been to raise awareness about the problems of water quality. It is definitely an innovative approach to tackle this issue, therefore, it makes it so interesting.

Shanai Matteson, the person who came up with this idea, told the MinnPost: “People think Minnesota doesn’t have any water problems, that we have so much water because we’re the land of 10,000 lakes”.

According to Shanai, there is a difference between the private well water and city tap water and it is to do with the way water is processed before it reaches the end user. She and her partner even do trips to different cities to do “water tasting”. Because of her experience, she can identify what was the method of processing. Pretty impressive!

Staff & Location

When it comes to the future staff of the bar, they will not only serve you your drinks, but will also initiate a conversation about water issues. In order to do that, bartenders will not be any casual Joes from the street – Shanai is planning to have engineers, environmental experts, city employees or students (well trained and with in-depth knowledge) working there.

The bar should be located on Central Avenue just off Lowry, which is a convenient location and should attract a lot of locals and tourists.

The opening date is still TBC, but surely, we will give you an update once we have some more information, so stay tuned!

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