Moscow's secret Metro system. Does it really exist? -
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Moscow’s secret Metro system. Does it really exist?

Almost every city in the world has many urban legends about them, some of them are insignificant ones, some are wide spread.

One really mysterious urban legend comes from Russia’s capital MoscowIt is believed that there’s a secret “Metro-2” system in the city which parallels with Moscow’s public Metro.

The urban legend suggests that it was built while Stalin was in power and was given a codename “D-6” by the KGB. It is believed to actually be longer and larger than the main Metro system, but it has completely different purpose – to connect Kremlin with the FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation), the governmental airport and a few other strategically significant locations.

The FSB have never confirmed the existence of Metro-2 and it’s strongly believed that they never will.

If you live in Moscow and have heard some other aspects to this urban legend, please share it with us!

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