Nothing, Arizona.. A town where there's literally.. Well.. Nothing -
nothing, arizona

Nothing, Arizona.. A town where there’s literally.. Well.. Nothing

There is a “town” in Arizona, USA that has 0 residents and is called Nothing.

There are many cities and towns in the world that have a name which represents something important to that place. But arguably there is no other town in the world that has a more literal meaning than Nothing.

You guessed it right – basically there is nothing in Nothing… Apart from a sign that says Nothing and a garage which is in such a condition that it might collapse any time.

The settlement was established in 1977, located 100 miles northwest of Phoenix and according to the locals (well, locals from surrounding areas) the town got this name from a bunch of drunks.. Nothing once contained a gas station and small convenience store.

Unfortunately, there is nothing else we can say about Nothing…

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