Sugar Land in Texas unveils a statue for selfies -
statue for selfies in sugar land texas

Sugar Land in Texas unveils a statue for selfies

When you thought social media and selfies have gone a bit too far, especially amongst younger generation, a city called Sugar Land in Texas, USA have taken it to a next level.

Approved by officials of this city, yesterday, a bronze statue for selfies has been unveiled. In other words, it is a statue of two girls taking a selfie near a bench with Sugar Land City hall in the background.

It seems like this statue is a donation to the city by one of its wealthy residents, according to official press release, and is a part of 10-piece collection through Sugar Land Legacy Foundation.

Unfortunately for the person who donated it and for the officials who have approved this statue, residents of Sugar Land have not been very happy with the newest “monument” in their home town:

Even though it is not a usual type of statue, and locals might not be very proud, by I can guarantee, a lot of selfies will be taken with those girls taking a selfie.

Source: NBC4

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