Top 5 biggest stadiums in the world. You might be very surprised! -
beaver stadium in state college

Top 5 biggest stadiums in the world. You might be very surprised!

Almost every big city in the world has at least one big stadium for various sports events – whether it is football (soccer), American football, baseball, cricket, – you name it. Some are better know than others, some are home to better teams than others and some are certainly bigger than others. But have you wondered which stadium is the biggest in the world? And how big it is?

Well, let’s have a look at Top 5 stadiums in the world today.

What you are about to find out might be a big surprise for you!

kyle fields stadium in college station usa
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5. Kyle Field - College Station, Texas, USA

This stadium is a actually a home to a university football team and is located on the campus of  Texas A&M University. It has been home to Texas A&M Aggie football team since 1904 and as a complete stadium since 1927.

It has been nicknamed "Home of the 12th Man" because of the amazing support the team gets by the local fans.

The capacity of Kyle Field is 102,733 which makes it the 5th largest stadium in the world.

ohio stadium located in columbus ohio usa
Image Credits: Navin Rajagopalan

4. Ohio Stadium - Columbus, Ohio, USA

Ohio Stadium is also located on the university campus - The Ohio State University. Although the primary purpose of this stadium now is the home venue of the Ohio State Buckeyes football team and the Ohio State University Marching Band, for a short period of time (1996-98) it was home to Columbus Crew (soccer). In addition to that, Ohio Stadium also was the home venue for the OSU track and field teams from 1923–2001.

It is a more than 2,000 seats larger than Kyle Field, therefore takes a 4th place on the list.

beaver stadium located in state college pennsylvania usa
Image Credits: Penn State

3. Beaver Stadium - State College, Pennsylvania, USA

Beaver Stadium is not a lot different to the above two - it is also located on a university campus - The Pennsylvania State University.

The name of the stadium has been given in honour of James A. Beaver, who was the governor of Pennsylvania for four years (1887-1891) and president of the university's board of trustees. Beaver has been a home venue to the Penn State Nittany Lions of the since 1960.

The capacity of great stadium is 106,572 making it the 3rd biggest venue in the world.

michigan stadium located in ann arbor michigan usa
Image Credits: MGoBlog

2. Michigan Stadium - Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Well at this point, there is probably no surprise when I say that this is another stadium located on a university campus - University of Michigan. Michigan Stadium has been given a nickname of "The Big House" as it is the largest stadium in the USA and obviously second largest in the world with an official capacity of  107,601! However, historically they have managed to accommodate more than 115,00 spectators during important games.

It has been home venue to Michigan Wolverines football team since 1927 when the "The Big House" was built.

rungrado 1st of may stadium located in pyongyang north korea
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1. Rungrado 1st of May Stadium - Pyongyang, North Korea

Yes, you read it right, the biggest stadium in the world is located in Pyongyang, North Korea! Built in 1989, Rungrado 1st of May Stadium is capable of accommodating 150,000 spectators which makes it miles ahead of its competitors.

Even though it is a home venue to North Korean national football (soccer) team and many other athletic events, the main purpose of it is to host the Arirang games which is a gymnastics and artistic festival performed by 100,000 people and it is considered to be one of the best choreographed events in the world.

Arirang games is one of very few events in DPRK that is actually open to foreigners.

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